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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is Leiomyomata? Will i live?

Leiomyomata is the plural of Leiomyoma. Now you're asking: What the heck is Leiomyoma?
Leiomyoma derives from greek: Leio=smooth, My(Myos)=Muscle, Oma=Tumor, swelling.
So we are talking about a tumor of the smooth muscle. Thank god, in this case the tumor is a Benign one (From Italian: Benign(Bene)=Good).
The most frequent case of leiomyoma is that of the "Leiomyoma of the uterus".

The term Leiomyomata is used because in the case of the uterus, practically every woman presents with multiple masses, and not only one. If the woman is presented with only one mass in the uterus, and the mass is not well bordered, it may be a Leiomyosarcoma!!!! (You MUST understand from my punctuation marks what i mean!)
After echography, your test of choice will be the biopsy. When the biopsy result is ready, and it says LEIOMYOMATA, we pass to our next step:
Will I live?
Yes you will. You will be disease free, but not without costs. If your mass is small, your surgeon may advice that you just monitor it. If the mass is big, is causing pain, hemorrhage or other symptoms, you have to remove it. And here comes the cost. Leiomyomas are removed WITH the uterus. So, you will be disease-free, and Uterus-free. However, even if removing the uterus is the best thing to do, if you are a young female and have the desire to give birth to a child, the doctor should try other ways, such as removing only parts of the uterus.

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