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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Acute pancreatitis is mortal!

Acute pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreatic gland, that is caused by multiple factors. The signs and symptoms of Acute pancreatitis include:
-Severe Abdominal Pain, that is also referred as Belly Pain
-Adynamic Ileus
-SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)

alchoolic cause of pancreatitis
alchoolic cause of pancreatitis

The diagnosis is made by clinical and laboratory signs that are very specific of Pancreatitis:
-Acute abdominal pain, that is severe and is felt like an horizontal body weighting in the abdominal area.
-Acute elevation of Pancreatic Amylase and Pancreatic Lipase in the blood, that means that the pancreatic cells are dying and secreting their intracellular products in the bloodstream
-Acute changes in Imaging. If a TC is made, there will be signs of changes in pancreatic structure, that show the inflammatory process, for example Edema or Hemorrhage. (

As this figure shows, the principal causes of Acute Pancreatitis are:
-Alcohol consumption
-Biliary Lythiasis (Stones in the bile ducts)

Will I Live after having an Acute Pancreatitis?
Acute pancreatitis is very dangerous because the enzymes that are produced in the pancreas, are very strong against other body’s cells. After being liberated from the pancreas, they can destroy everything they can encounter.
For what we said till now, we understand that Pancreatitis is one of the most dangerous emergencies that come in a hospital. The quality of treatment that is given to the patient in the first hours of the attack, is the definer between life and death. If untreated, the patient WILL die in 48 hours.
Treatment consist in:
-Pain seduction, with strong sedatives, like codein, morphin, MEPERIDINE (Very strong derivative of Morphin)
-Caloric and Hydro-electrolytic reintegration
-Hypothension prevention
-Treatment for limiting the pancreatic inflammation, with antiprotease medications, and liberation of the bile ducts.
-Putting the pancreas in total Rest, that is achieved by: 1. Not allowing eating, 2. Using Proton Pump inhibitors for the stomach,
-Controlling the respiratory function

However, to survive from acute pancreatitis, the treatment must be very fast and correct, from a team of specialized doctors!

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